Longcroft House

  • Category Architecture
  • Year 2019
  • Location Armadale, VIC

The quality and originality of this 1888 Victorian mansion demanded that any addition play second fiddle architecturally. No part of the rear extension is visible from the street, including a six-car basement garage beneath the terraced back garden and pool. Designed to accommodate a large family, the additions include a new kitchen, dining, living and laundry which extend from the old house on the ground floor.

Modernist in composition, three elements attached to the old rear wall aim to reduce the sense of new mass to the rear fa├žade, while the new upper floor, carefully positioned between the two original chimneys, draws attention to this heritage feature. Garden and landscape are paramount and continue from the soft planting of the garage entry up to the rooftop garden adjoining the master bedroom suite.

Project Team

Pleysier Perkins

Ramon Pleysier

Anthony Dann

Mark Watson

Georgie Marks

Interior Design

Landscape Design

Photographer 1

Photographer 2