Not a Motel

  • Category House
  • Year 2024
  • Location Point Leo, VIC

Aussie beach shack meets Palm Springs motel in this four-bedroom holiday house for a family of three and friends. Playfully integrating Southern Californian cues, the mid-century inspiration is evident throughout, from finishes and colours to the reception inspired kitchen, adjacent pool room and sunken lounge space.

A long hallway, consisting of brickwork and shutters to one side and extensive glazing to the other, provides access to a series of colour blocked bedrooms as well as views to a central garden courtyard and feature pool.

The long hallway – an internalised version of the classic motel gangway – provides access to a series of colour blocked bedrooms and bathrooms and reveals views to the central courtyard and pool.

The use of north-facing internal brickwork and wooden shutters to one side and the extensive glazing above a brick planter to the other, maximises solar gains and utilises passive heating and cooling principles for each bedroom.

Project Team

Pleysier Perkins

Berit Barton
Elly Featherstone
Josie Somerville

Max Szental



Kleev Homes

Tom Blachford